We are a small, friendly Orthodox community located on the north-eastern edge of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula at the end of the River Shiel, a beautiful land associated with many saints and the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Memory Eternal, Mother Thekla!

The beginning of a feast never again to end...

On Sunday 7th August, Mother Thekla of the Monastery of the Assumption at Normanby, passed from death to life everlasting.

The monastic life is a vocation to the centre, to enter into the centre and remain in the centre. When he is led to his profession, the monk of the Eastern rite sings: open wide thy arms, O Father, to me. The profession signifies his taking up into being-loved of God and consciously now he experiences this as the beginning of a feast never again to end. The cantor sings, as if he is witness, what happens in heaven, how the coming home is being feasted at the Father's hearth.

Mother Maria (Gysi), founder of the Monastery of the Assumption.
from 'Sceptrum Regale, Life towards the Transcendent.'

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