We are a small, friendly Orthodox community located on the north-eastern edge of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula at the end of the River Shiel, a beautiful land associated with many saints and the beginnings of Christianity in Scotland.


Monday, 26 March 2012

St Finnan's Day
March 16th 2012

On this day, four brave faithful members of the Orthodox Church of Saint Finnan and Saint Nicolas in Ardnamurchan, placed their trust in their priest and travelled 15mins by hired boat to Saint Finnan’s Isle – or the Green Isle as it is known locally in Loch Shiel, for a Moleben to Saint Finnan whose memory we kept that day.

Keeping vigil on the forecast we were blessed with a good spell which allowed us to get to the island and back – dry. With a great rush of cold wind the skies opened as soon as the Gospel was announced and the rain ended as we sang Glory to Thee O Lord, Glory to Thee.

Prayers were also said for the many local people buried on the Green Isle – Memory Eternal! We were blessed with the water from Theophany which came from the loch at the time.
Saint Finnan was a disciple of Saint Columba. As a bishop he was also a leper who counted his worms as his friends. He wanted to visit Rome and in a dream was afforded a vision of what the Holy City would look like. He told Saint Columba who was astounded at the accuracy of his disciple Saint Finnan – Apostle of Moidart at whose prayers, visit us O Lord.

A safe return trip enabled to have a joint picnic and Liturgy the following day.

With thanks to Anna and Stefan for the photographs.


  1. Beautiful journey. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Not a problem - Glory to God! come and share the real experience next year!

  3. It's a good day to go see dolphins argyll while celebrating in the place. It must be a memorable trip.